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Questions in the Biology of the Advanced Subjects Test (AST Biology) have been based on the 2010 version of the Senior High School Curriculum Guidelines since 2013.


The goals of AST Biology can be divided into three major categories and 12 sub-categories.

1. To evaluate knowledge of biology
  • 1a. Basic knowledge of biology
  • 1b. Basic principles in biology experiments
  • 1c. Biological knowledge used in everyday life
  • 1d. Extended knowledge of biology
2. To evaluate the ability to use scientific method
  • 2a. Ability to observe, categorize and deduce
  • 2b. Ability to form a hypothesis, design experiments and come up with innovative ideas
  • 2c. Ability to conduct experiments
  • 2d. Ability to process information and create charts/graphs
3. To evaluate the ability to present ideas or experiment results as well as to read and analyze articles about biology
  • 3a. Ability to understand scientific articles
  • 3b. Ability to make judgments based on scientific articles
  • 3c. Ability to analyze and make deduction about experiment results/data
  • 3d. Ability to evaluate scientific articles


The scope of the AST Biology in the 2010 version of the High School Curriculum Guidelines includes the following courses: Required Elementary Biology I, Required Elementary Biology II, Elective Biology. Tables below show the content and teaching hours for the required and elective biology courses.

Grade Course

10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Notes
Elementary Biology I Two hours per week Two hours per week Required
Elementary Biology II (Applied Biology) One to two hours per week Required
Elective Biology Four hours per week Elective

Listed below are the themes included in AST Biology:

Elementary Biology I
  1. Features of life
  2. Genetics
  3. Evolution and Biodiversity
  4. Plant Structure and Function
  5. Animal Structure and Function
  6. Life and Environment
    (Units 1 to 5 include discussions and activities)
Elementary Biology II (Applied Biology)
  1. Life Science and Agriculture
  2. Life Science and Food Products
  3. Life Science and Medicine
  4. Life Science and Environment
Elective Biology
  1. Basic Structure and Function of Organisms
  2. Energy that Maintains Lives
  3. Transport in Plants
  4. Plant Reproduction, Growth and Development
  5. Animal Circulatory System
  6. Animal Digestion and Absorption
  7. Animal Respiratory System
  8. Animal Digestive System
  9. Animal Neurology and Endocrinology
  10. Human Immune System
  11. Genetics
  12. Evolution
  13. Biodiversity and Conservation
    (Units 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 include discussions and activities)

Focus of the Questions

AST Biology focuses on the following areas:

  1. Students’ learning outcomes in acquiring knowledge of biology
  2. Students’ ability to solve problems related to issues in daily life and current affairs