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Advanced Subjects Test (AST)

  • The AST assesses candidates’ higher level knowledge of specific subjects and their readiness to study in their selected academic discipline. The AST tests students’ comprehension, reasoning, analysis and the ability to effectively communicate.
  • For students planning to participate in the Examination and Placement process, an AST score is required.
  • Ten subjects are included in the AST. These include Chinese, English, Mathematics I (for science and engineering majors), Mathematics II (for humanities and social science majors), Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Civics.
  • Students must take a minimum of three subject tests, but they can take a maximum of ten tests. Most colleges specify that three to six subjects be tested.
  • Questions are based on the material students study throughout their high school education.
  • Each subject test is worth 100 points.
  • There are a variety of question types on the AST. These include multiple-choice questions, short answer questions, problem solving, response writing, essay writing, and translation.
  • The AST is offered in July each year.