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Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC)


  Based on the Curriculum Guidelines for Senior High School English, Test of English Listening Comprehension (TELC), administered by the College Entrance Examination Center (CEEC), is a comprehensive test with several types of questions designed to test high school students’ English listening skills. Meanwhile, as English is increasingly used as a medium of instruction in Taiwan university courses, the test covers everyday situations as well as classroom and other learning-related situations to prepare students for real-world communication.

  University departments may ask for a specific TELC score from candidates wishing to enter through the Stars Program, Personal Application, or Examination and Placement. The score may also be taken into account when departments review individual applications to make an admission decision. Use of the test score by individual departments is specified in the admissions handbook for each plan.

I. Objectives
  • To test the ability to understand common expressions and sentence structures.
  • To test the ability to understand a statement or question and to respond accordingly.
  • To test the ability to understand daily conversations.
  • To test the ability to comprehend short paragraphs.

II. Allotment

60 minutes (including instructions)

III. Scope

The test covers required English courses taught from the first to the fourth semester of Senior High School based on the Curriculum Guidelines.

IV. Question Types and Number of Questions

The test paper consists of 40 items. With multiple-choice questions designed to assess candidates’ ability to understand expressions, sentences, conversations, and short talks. The items are divided into four sections: Picture Description, Question-Response, Conversations, and Short Talks. Only one answer is possible for most questions; however, some questions in the Picture Descriptions require two correct answers.

V. Content

The candidates will listen to materials set in daily-life, real-world contexts such as at home, on campus, in public or in social situations. The vocabulary tested is about 4,500 words. Please refer to Levels 1 to 4 on the list of high school English vocabulary published by the CEEC:

VI. Responses to the “One Guideline, Multiple Textbook Edition” Policy

Despite the fact that there are multiple high school English textbooks with different content in the textbook market, each textbook series is compiled in line with the Curriculum Guidelines. The TELC objectives and questions are based on competence indicators specified in the Guidelines.

VII. Test Result
  • The original test score has been statistically transformed into four grades: A, B, C, and F (in descending order).
  • The test report shows the level and briefly explains the meaning of the levels.
VIII. Performance Level Descriptors